Burmese Python

The Burmese Python is a danger to the environment. They can be a danger to humans, ecosystem, and animals. They can impact the Everglades bad and good. The Burmese Python is a new Python and people don’t know about it.

The way that the Burmese Python can change local animals is that the Burmese Python can eat those animals which changes the food chain. The Burmese is known to have no natural predators right now. The way the Burmese Python can change humans is that the Burmese Python can cause them to leave the Everglades. So there won’t be much people there.  The way that the Burmese Python changes the ecosystem is that it changes the food chain.  The Burmese Python is known for no natural predators so it is at the top.

So the Burmese Python is a danger to the environment. It can causes a lot of stuff to happen.



Outer space

What I think about the idea of people owning in space is that they shouldn’t be able to do that. There are 3 reasons people can’t breathe in space, there isn’t any land in space, and the cost of owning space is a lot of money.

One of the reasons that owning land in space is that you can’t breathe in space. You will need to bring air up there which makes owning space even more. That’s one of the reason why people shouldn’t own land in space.

The second reason is that there isn’t any land to own in space.  You will need space station to keep your stuff up there. So then that would cost even more money for you to own land in space.

The last reason that you shouldn’t be able to own land in space is that the cost of owning space would be a lot. So that would mean that if would be hard to own land in space. The reason it will cost a lot of money is because all the equipment you will need and all that space you have bought. But there would be a lot more space up there to put your stuff. So your land on Earth wouldn’t be that crowded. So space could help with all my stuff.

So those are the reasons why I think you shouldn’t be able to own land in space. There are a lot more reasons that you can have to not own land in space.


My Best Freind

My best friend and I went to the lake                                                                                                                                                  Then we went home and bake



Family are the people I love                                                                                                                                                                   Admire them the best you can                                                                                                                                                              My dad and my mom are always there                                                                                                                                              I like when we do stuff together                                                                                                                                                          Love them with all your heart                                                                                                                                                             You better love your family

The Deadly Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan

The natural disaster I chose was the earthquake and tsunami in Japan of March 11, 2011. The geography of Japan is separated from the Asian mainland by 160km of sea and split into four islands: Honshu, Hokkodi, Kyush, and Shikoku. The climate in Japan is generally temperate. The earthquake was a 9.0 and tsunami came right after. The tsunami went over a 18 foot sea wall in the borders of Japan into the city of Tokyo. The reason I chose this disaster because my teacher from last year showed us a video of it and the tsunami and earthquake is on my birthday. image

The short-term and long-term effects of Japan tsunami and earthquake are the ports were closed for a short period of time because of the earthquake imageand tsunami. A long-term effect was that northern Japan was destroyed. Another short-term effect was the economy needed to help the survivors. Japan had some supporters to help.

The supporters are Governor Quinn from Illinois he helped by donating to Japan. Korea alsoimage donated to Japan. Also Korea sent the Korean Red Cross. Those were the supporters Japan had.

Japan has some emergency plans. They are the Red Cross helped people stay alive. The Japan Relief was all the supporters who donated that helped them. Finally Japan Recovery Fund got some houses rebuild and saved some people. That is the community plans they had.

If the tsunami and earthquake happened again I think that they would be ready for it. I think so because they have grown since then so they would be prepared if it happen again. That is the deadly tsunami and earthquake that happened in Japan.

Sea World

In San Diego they are thinking to stop the Orca show and expand the take the Orcas are in.  The show brought all kinds of money in Sea World but they are going to lose money by expanding the tank.  So they are thinking just to get rid of the Orcas.